MedInformatix e-Prescibing

MedInformatix eRx allows the user to electronically prescribe and refill medication. The basic subscription level qualifies the provider to receive Medicare bonus.

MedInformatix has invested significant R&D funding into the current eRx Module. It includes several additional features that allow the user to save time and improve patient care by reducing human error. Our eRx can auto-fill patient information and you can receive a real time response while tracking each order; even documentation becomes automatic. Patient can also select and store multiple “favorite” pharmacies.

eRx is a required component for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use criteria and meets the security requirements. MedInformatix will provide documentation and internet training on eRx setup and clinical use of the module.

Key Features
     • Index Drug List based on First Data Bank
     • Managed Care Connectivity via RXHub
     • Indexed Pharmacy and Health Plan Lists via SureScripts
     • State Prescription Formats and Retail Pharmacy Connection via SureScripts
     • Automated Allergy and Drug Interaction via First Data Bank
     • Drug Information and Review Herbals, and 18-Language Patient Leaflets via Lexicomp
     • MediMedia Patient Specific Managed Care Formularies
     • Automated G Code Reporting
     • Medications can easily be refilled from the Medication History Screen

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