Medinformatix Enterprise Practice Management

MedInformatix Enterprise Practice Management software is one of the most comprehensive Enterprise Practice Management Systems on the market today. It encompasses not only scheduling, registration, billing, EDI, custom reporting, and collections, but also may be used for outcomes analysis, to track marketing and in a practice’s surgery center.

Combined with MedInformatix Electronic Health Record, the fully-integrated system eliminates the need for interface and double entry of patient information

MedInformatix was developed as a Microsoft Windows product and utilizes a single Microsoft SQL database. The software integrates with many types of medical equipment and also offers lab and hospital interfaces. MedInformatix may easily be customized by the practice to suit their specific requirements and workflow making it ideal for small or enterprise level practices. MedInformatix can turn the dream of a paperless, integrated practice into reality.

Key Features
     • Customizable scheduling templates, appointment reasons, alerts, and automatic authorization requests
     • Collection screens to facilitate the follow-up of patient balances, and claims.
     • Limitless reporting capabilities; every field may be pulled onto reports, or used to sort, group, or filter them.
     • System can calculate the E&M Level of Service based on existing data
     • Checks claims for errors prior to electronic submission

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