Practice Insight Electronic Remittance Advice Manager

ERA Manager is powerful tool designed to track, manage, and report data trends for all of your incoming ERAs. Through the ERA Manager interface, providers are able to view transactions denied for a specific group or reason code, print an EOB for a specific claim, assign denials to staff for follow-up, and view the detail payment and allowed amounts for a billed charge. ERA Manager Reports provide a statistical analysis of ERA data. Reports give providers a detail view of trends in denials by Reason Code, top 10 denials, and expected payment amounts. With Managed Expects offices can determine if the maximum allowed amount is being received back from the payer. With the ERA Manager’s integration with Claims Manger, Practice Insight provides a powerful tool to the physician’s office.


     • Provides a detailed view of all ERA Transactions in an ERA files. Detailed view includes: charge amount, amount paid, allowed amount, 
       Claim Adjustment Group and Reason codes.
     • Provides customers the ability to sort ERA transactions by CPT code, check number, Payer, Claims Adjustment Group and Claim Adjustment
       Reason Code and Status.
     • Allows customers to view ERA transactions by status, including Denied ERA Transactions.
     • The Denial Screen allows staff members to add notes while working denials that will be attached to the ERA transaction. Staff Members can also
        add a follow-up status to the ERA transaction such as Paid, Appealed, etc.
     • Analysis reports provide data such as a breakdown of CPT codes that were denied for a Claim Adjustment Group Codes and Reason Code.
     • All ERA data is stored in the Expects Table. The table stores CPT code with modifier, charge amount, allowed amount, and expected paid amount. 
       Customers can use this table to see if they are over/under billing an insurance company and compare allowed amounts.

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