Practice Insight Eligibility Manager


With EDIinsight, practices can submit eligibility requests, see the response displayed instantly, and easily correct and resend requests labeled “Invalid” or “Rejected”. Users can upload eligibility requests from an ANSI 270 form, a Practice Management Schedule Report, or add it directly to EDIinsight. Eligibility Manager displays all eligibility requests (ANSI 270) and corresponding Payer Eligibility Responses (ANSI 271). Users can search for requests and responses based on different fields, including Date of RequestRequest StatusEligibility Trace NumbersSubscriber or Patient Name, or Payer. 


     • Eligibility requests are processed in real time-  see response displayed in seconds
     • Users can add and edit reports from the same screen, which significantly improves their efficiency
     • Need eligibility information on paper? Users can print: 
• a detailed status report that shows subscriber information
• benefit coverage information
         • co-insurance and co-payments
         • deductible and specialty information

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